Hola my furry friends,

Before the detox, I was a happy, heavy animal protein eater. Steak two times a week, ground beef, chicken and pork on the other days. On days that I would go to work I would have at least a big salad with protein on it, a 2nd meal which consisted of protein and vegetables and usually some kind of snack which could be nuts or hummus and veg. I would eat all of this in one sitting and still crave sweets 2 hour later.

I normally do a 15-18 hour intermittent fast of all food for the last year.

So, I am in day 5 or 6 of my detox. This is the 2nd time I’ve gone through it and I am excited at the changes I have observed in myself.

About 2 and a half weeks before starting the detox I decided to do a 48 hour fast to help me reset my system, begin burning fat instead of sugar, and to remove my cravings for sugar. I noticed that it was easier to choose healthier selections for food but I still craved sugar but not as intensely as before the fast.

Two weeks after the fast I began rereading Grow A New Body and decided to do the 10-day detox. Because I did the detox a year earlier it was pretty simple to implement.

The first two days were uneventful, though I did become a little sniffly and had red eyes. On the third day I realized that I was not craving candy even when standing by a bowl of mini candy bars while conversing with three co-workers.

Now the magic happens!

I am satisfied with the green drink in the morning, a green salad with hummus, mashed avocado, some nuts and seeds, olives and a lemon and olive oil homemade dressing for my first meal after the 18 hour fast and then a 2nd meal usually 2 – 4 hours later of vegetables with olive oil or coconut oil.

Cravings for sugar gone, I do not miss the animal protein so I will adjust to having it two or three meals a week.

I have noticed that I am a much calmer individual. I do not become irritated as easily and if I do become irritated it passes within seconds or a couple of minutes. My thoughts are less aggressive! My inside voice was always saying “F*ck off and leave me alone!” Even when I was smiling ( 0 ; this was towards the people who constantly irritated me.

Definitely not you guys!!!!

Walking in the woods with my dogs in the morning is my time to contemplate life, goals and assholes who have irritated me lately. New nickname (The Angry Shaman!”) To my surprise as I went through this list when I got to the irritation category, I switched to viewing it through the 4 insights: Non-Judgement, Non-Attachment, Non-Suffering, and Beauty! Totally different walk!!

REALLY!!! I was not able to recall all 4 insights after I finished the West last year, now I am relating them to my life experiences as I’m traipsing through the woods!

I notice that I do not have to overcome internal resistance to do things I know need to be done and what really blew my mind was that I actually participated in the video call meeting, by offering unsolicited experiences and asking questions! Almost unheard of!!! Last time around the wheel, I never spoke in the video meetings, never asked a question, and only joined in the Village chat when looking for a practice partner.

My wife came up to me after the video call and said “Did you participate tonight? And I said I am as surprised as you are!!

I am sensing energy in a more profound way, I could always feel energy and work with it but now I am starting to see it, my 2nd sight/awareness is coming online!

When I worked on a client yesterday it was the first time, I actually experienced the sacred space! I could sense a 14-foot bubble and there was a feeling of expansiveness, a different density of air within this space it really felt sacred, not just intellectually or by faith!