“Souls that walk in the light sing the songs of Light, Souls that walk in the dark sing the songs of the Dark.” -Abandonment to Divine Providence

When we become aware of a bitter, negative, agitative person we may feel that it is our responsibility to set that person on the right track!  “Don’t say that, think that, do that, it is wrong! You should say, do, or think this instead!”

What if we were to shift our perspective?

The person described above could be simply reflecting your interior projection of life.  Pause, and allow yourself to explore this possibility.

Maybe you are like them but in a different way.  Yes, be honest with yourself and become aware when you become the person described above.  Come on, when you are alone, and thoughts are just popping into your head and bam!

Mmm, doesn’t feel good, have you noticed the defensive thoughts that come to the rescue of the ego?  “I’m not like that person!”  “I’m the most loving, sensitive, socially aware person I know!”

Maybe you should, take off the rose-colored glasses and get to know you!  LOL!!

Each one of us is on our own path, we may have people around, yet they are on their path as well.  What to do?  Simple, walk your path!  Simple does not mean easy, by the way.

You cannot walk the path for them, maybe you could carry them for a while, if they were a loved one, but eventually you will get tired and have to put them down and rest and you will come to realize that those that you carry are slowing you down and draining your energy. Got resentment anyone?

Chances are the person you are trying to change, or carry is complaining because their path is slightly or greatly different than yours.

From your perspective they are singing the song of the Dark.
You can walk your path, singing the song of Light is being aware of the obstacles on your own path and navigating around, over, under, through or releasing them.  As you do this light from your path may shine over to their path, but it is possible that they will turn away or maybe it hurts their eyes!

So, realize that your Light shines brightest on your own path!  Be aware of the challenges yet take in the breathtaking scenery that only you can see.  You may become a ray of hope for others but that is not why you walk it.  You walk your path because that is the only thing you can do.