The Power of Story


Hello my friends,


Have you considered how powerful the stories we tell ourselves are?  The stories we tell ourselves determine and influence the circumstances and the paths we take in life.  Both for our benefit and detriment.  How so you say?


A story of strength and confidence will nudge us to go for it!  That promotion, new career, or that scary but new challenge we want to conquer. Stories of self-doubt and fear will cause us to go half measure or not try at all.

The story has different levels to it. The first level is the circumstances, what we see. The second level is where the emotions reside, how it makes you feel and based on how it makes you feel you enhance the first level to make it more significant in a positive or negative way.

The third level is where the story lands in your body, the energetic charge or sensation.  A positive charge tends to make you feel good and expansive.  A negative charge can feel heavy, cold, painful or like a rock or pit in your stomach.  Ultimately it is a contractive feeling.  You probably can relate to this, if not take a moment and think of an experience and notice how you feel in your body.

The third level, working with the sensation in the body is where the magic happens!  Being aware of the sensation in the body, not the emotions or the words that explain or justify why you feel and act a certain way, is the easiest and quickest way to integrate the energy and the experience.

So, we should be aware of the stories we choose to believe because they determine our perspectives, beliefs, and actions.

If you would like to experience this personally click on the link for a short video with more information and a practice exercise.  Click here