What is Energy Medicine?

I will give you my perspective on energy medicine based on the teachings I have received and my experiences.

The body has a Luminous Energy Field, LEF around it. The LEF informs the body on 4 levels.

From a Shamanistic point of view there are 4 perceptual levels of the body:

  • Spirit – Soul, Higher-Self, I think you get the idea.
  • Soul/Energetic – chakras and the body’s energy system
  • Mental/Emotional – thoughts and emotions i.e. fear, anger sadness, joy, glass half full vs. glass half empty thoughts and perspectives.
  • Physical – body parts – arm, leg, torso, head, etc.

So, the Spirit level gives us the 10,000 feet view, the lay of the land and informs the Energetic level.

The Energetic level informs the Mental/Emotional body.

The Mental/Emotional level informs the Physical.

This means whatever is in the LEF will eventually show up in the Physical field/body unless it is released.

Within the body are energy centers aka chakras. The most well-known major chakras are:

  • 1st – located at the coccyx
  • 2nd – located about 4 fingers width below the navel
  • 3rd – located at the solar plexus
  • 4th – located at the heart complex
  • 5th – located in the throat area
  • 6th – located at the third eye
  • 7th – located at the crown.

Each chakra governs certain aspects of our bodies and the 4 perceptual levels mentioned above. When dealing with an issue of any kind a correlating chakra and sometimes more than one will be affected. By clearing the chakra and releasing the energy of that issue from the LEF, an environment for healing is created.

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