I have had the privilege of receiving 14 Shamanic healing sessions with Chris. Sometimes we worked on specific, seemingly physical, problems such as shoulder pain. In every case, the pain either significantly diminished or healed. Occasionally the healing occurred over the next few days.

However, the benefits that stand out most for me were those of a deeper nature. I have been, for years, working on overcoming experiences that seemed to hang on in some way and that held back my efforts to change. I mean changing habits and behaviors as well as emotional and mental reactions to events.

This was where the work was truly dramatic. I saw old stuff simply vanish…not just get easier to deal with or subdued…vanish! It was not my experience before that to see a long standing ‘issue’ cease to be.

There were some things that required more than one session to be complete, but every time I worked with Chris I saw that I was different and better able to live in freedom and joy.


Working with Chris has brought so much into my awareness in ways that I not only am cognizant of their existence but also I can work with and heal them. He has helped me with physical issues around my digestion, to deep family traumas and dark energies, and helped me open and trust my own awareness.

In one session, Chris removed an energy from my field that I had had my entire life. That is a testament to his technical abilities – how he uses his guides to home in on what is happening for you and how to best help you at the moment and to do so effectively.

Chris also was able to guide me into approaching and navigating life without this energy, something that I had no idea how to do. That is where Chris’s true mastery lies – in being able to dive deep into your field and make the changes you need for healing, but then giving you the confidence and guidance to live your life as your healed self and not fall back on old patterns of behavior.


Chris assisted me lower back issues. He worked on me twice and there was immediate relief. Just talking to him gives me a peaceful feeling. He shared with me how breathing can help with pain. He showed me what to do and I’ve used it. He genuinely cares about his clients and I’m grateful to know him.


Chris helped me develop strategies to manage my diabetes. My blood sugar and a1c were stubbornly high for several years, even with increasing doses of insulin and other medications. My physician seemed at a loss of how to bring my numbers down.

Chris introduced me to a high fat, low carbohydrate diet, and more importantly, showed me specific ways to apply it to fit my lifestyle and schedule. There was a lot of information online, but it was important for me to fine tune and personalize the information. His suggestions were often practical and easy to follow.

Presently, my a1c has dropped four points in a 6 month period, and I am no longer using insulin to control my blood sugar. Chris’s advice was the key in reversing my condition.
I still have a ways to go, but I’m confident that I can reach my goal with Chris’ help.


Chris is great!! I went to him to try and resolve a particular issue from my past that has held me back for almost 70 years. It dealt with anger, abandonment, guilt, anxiety . After a few sessions with Chris, I was able to let go of this issue and have been at peace with it ever since. He worked a miracle for me and I am forever grateful.

I recently lost my husband and have been having a difficult time emotionally. Last week I had my first long distance telephone session with Chris. His special abilities pinpointed an issue from my youth that was making it difficult to express my grief. Through this session with Chris, I have been able to let go of my grief and start to return to a more normal, healthy life. I am sleeping through the night and awakening with a positive attitude. I intend to have many more sessions.

Chris is exceptionally gifted, and I feel privileged to be able to access his services. I recommend Chris with no reservations.